Operations Update


Due to Covid-19, the Learn to Sail program must stay outside as much as possible. We are using the shaded areas under trees as classrooms. For the safety of the children and your equipment, please do not park cars, trailers, or boats in the shaded areas of the 2 big trees down near the water as the driveway turns. The big tree is on the right and the other is on the left (with the launching sign and box on it). We will indicate our classroom areas with boards so it is clear to all.

Also, please leave the ground in front of the Junior Clubhouse empty so children can pass safely in and out, and so they can do activities there.

Learn to Sail thanks you for your cooperation with this matter. Sailing lessons start Monday, June 28.

Tender boats and member owned dinghies should be kept on a slip that has been designated as a tender/temporary use spot. It will be modified this weekend to better accommodate this purpose. I will ask that before the June 28 start date of sailing lessons all tender boats be moved to this area. I will mark the slip and send out a notice to everyone once the few modifications have taken place.

Alex Teeft