About Us

The Petpeswick Yacht Club (PYC) is a small but vibrant club on the northeast shores of the Petpeswick Inlet in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia. PYC provides wharfage and moorings, learn to sail programs, kayaking, paddle boarding and community events. The clubhouse is also available for special event rentals such as weddings, parties and meetings.

With family and community in mind, PYC is the ideal location to enjoy the waters and the beauty of the surrounding area.

PYC's history

In 1966, a group of local individuals who enjoyed sailing decided to create a yacht club as an official body to ensure the continuation of recreational sailing on the Petpeswick Inlet. In 1971 the current clubhouse was built on the yacht club premises and cottages were leased as a rental property.

Executive Committee

  • Commodore - Marilyn Murphy - 902-889-2764
  • Vice-Commodore - Andrew Faulkner - 902-430-5403
  • Rear-Commodore - Craig Mosher - 902-229-0869


  • Tom Mitchell
  • Cindy Bayers
  • Wendy Faulkner
  • Ernie Samson
  • Valerie Shanon
  • Susan Kratzmann
  • Lynn Jensen