Hall Rentals - A community club available to all

We are able to accommodate groups up to our full capacity of 150 people inside the clubhouse. 

The PYC Clubhouse is available for hourly or daily rentals as well as larger event rentals such as weddings, parties and celebrations.

Onsite features include a beautiful view, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining / dance floor, a small stage, and PYC-managed bar facilities. There is also access to the patio and barbecues.

Hourly / Daily Rentals
The rates for hourly / daily rentals range from $30-$50 per hour depending on the nature of the event, the extent of the PYC facilities that will be used and whether organizational or sanitization efforts will be required by PYC staff before and after the event. Discounts are available to members. Please contact the Rental Manager to arrange an hourly rental.

Larger Event Rentals
Effective September 15, 2020 there are some minor changes to pricing on larger, private celebrations:

Please see the new Rental Agreement for full details - Tablecloths, wine glasses, chair covers, and chafing dishes are available for rent. Tablecloths are rented at a cost of $5.00 each. Wine glasses are $0.30 each. The chair covers are $.75 each. The chafing dishes are $10.00 per dish.

Due to COVID-19, which will forever change how we do things, there will be a washroom and kitchen sanitization charge determined by the Cleaning / Sanitization company and new requirements for handling garbage. Other minor changes to pricing include a 10% mark up on toasting wines and bartending fees (minimum wage) will now be paid by the renter based on the number of hours of bartending service required for the event.


If you would like to book the hall,  please read the FAQ below, fill out the Booking / Rental Agreement form by clicking the button below, and contact Wendy Faulkner at (902) 889-0018 or by Email.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to pay for my rental fee up front?

  • For larger, private celebrations such as weddings, where the Clubhouse is occupied for extended periods into the evening, there is a $250 deposit required at the time of booking. Full payment of all other known fees is required 6 weeks before the date of such events. The club must be notified of the cancellation of a function at least three months prior to the function in order to obtain a refund of the deposit. If no damage occurs or no extraordinary cleaning / garbage removal or additional bartending fees are necessary during the function, the deposit will be returned within 14 days.  If damage, extraordinary cleaning / garbage removal, or additional bartending fees  occur in amounts below $250, these amounts will be deducted from the deposit.  If damage, extraordinary cleaning / garbage removal, or additional bartending fees occur in amounts greater than $250, PYC will provide invoices for the renter to pay.

What is the seating capacity of the Yacht Club?

  • As per the Fire Marshall and Nova Scotia Health, the club capacity is currently back to 150, including bartending /  kitchen staff.

Do I have to pay for the bartender?

  • Yes, there is a charge of $13.50 per hour (just over minimum wage) for each person bartending.

Can I bring in my own liquor?

  • Alcohol and Gaming rules dictate that this is not permissible.  Alcoholic beverages must be purchased and served from our bar, and for non-Club functions, a special license is required, which will be reimbursed to PYC by the renter.  Limited quantities of wine for dinner toasts can be ordered and this too will be reimbursed to PYC by the renter.  No home made wine is permitted on premises. More details can be found on our booking forms.

What is SOCAN?

  • "RE-Sound" and “SOCAN" fees are the fees payable to the Canadian copyright collective for music. A company called Entandem administers the performing rights for Canadians, representing both music creators (composers, lyricists or both) and music publishers. They collect the license fees in Canada, and pay the royalties to the creators and publishers of the musical works performed in Canada and around the world.

Can I put up decorations?

  • Sure you can. But we request that you follow our decorating guidelines: we have a specific way of handling ceiling decorations, and we forbid the use of pins, tacks, staples, and / or tape on the walls.  Also, we request that you do not remove any of the pictures, blinds, or valences.

What if I want to rent the Yacht Club on a regular basis? For example: for a class I'm teaching?

  • PYC has hosted recurring classes in the past. Please contact us for availability and rates.