Learn to Sail FAQs

Learn to Sail 2023 Information & Frequently Asked Questions

When will registration open?
  • PYC Members with family memberships will be able to register March 15, 2023.
  • Non-member registration will open on April 6, 2023.
  • Please keep in mind our program space is limited!
  • Please use the "Join waitlist" feature in Checklick if the course you wish to attend is full.

If anyone has issues regarding finances, including payment for multiple weeks upfront, please contact the LTS Dirctor directly and we will work it out.

CANSail Program Overview: LTS – Learn to Sail (ages 6-18)
  • Wet Feet: (ages 6-8) Designed to give young sailors a fun and safe first sailing experience and learn the basics of sailing. The goal of this class is for participants to learn the basics of sailing while becoming comfortable being in a boat and on the water.
  • CANSail 1&2: Introductory program with a focus on fun, safety, and fundamental skills in single/double-handed boat.
  • CANSail 3&4: Progressively builds and develops skills learned in CANSail 1&2 with a focus on keeping the sailor engaged with stage appropriate challenges and learning. Applied skill acquisition in any type of boat (single / double-handed).
  • CANSail 5&6: Applied skill consolidation in any type of boat (single / double-handed). Learn to Train stage of the Learn to Sail Dinghy. (not offered in 2021)
  • Sail Canada certificates and progress reports will be provided. Reports can be viewed online.
  • For more information, please visit Sail Canada or Sail Nova Scotia
How do I register for CANSail Levels 1&2, 3&4?
  • Registration will be completed On-Line. You can access registration on our Junior Sail Registration page.
  • Registration will open to PYC members on March 15, 2023
  • Non-member registration opens on April 6, 2023.
  • Payment will be through this online program
  • Receipts will be sent directly to you from the On-Line registration program. If you did not get a receipt, it might be getting filtered as spam, depending on the filter settings of your personal email or work. This is more common with work emails because of IT restrictions, so check your spam folder.
  • If you can't find the receipt, not to worry as you can always log into your account by going to  Checklick and entering your login credentials. Go to the course and click on the word receipt to the right. You can print this yourself.
Does my child need to have a certain swimming level?
  • Our sailors are required to wear life jackets anytime they are near or on the water - on the boat ramp and beach, on the wharf, and in boats. This is strictly followed – no exceptions. Wet Feet sailors don’t need to have any level of swimming – it’s their instructor’s job to get them comfortable with the water. (To get their “feet wet.”)
  • The oldest sailors will be required to swim in deep water with their life jackets on. Early on in lessons, they also take the infamous tip test – a controlled tip of their boat - so they will be prepared and more comfortable with a surprise tip.  (Dinghies are designed to tip, and on hot days they sometimes even end up sideways in the water “accidentally” on purpose). 
Do classes fill up? How can I ensure a spot for my child?
  • Some sessions fill up relatively quickly. You must register and pay to ensure a spot.
  • If a session you wish to attend is currently full, please use the " Join waitlist" feature in Checklick as this will be used to fill spots as they become available
Can I change my child’s sailing schedule after registration?
  • If additional weeks are requested, simply go online and register for another course.
  • If you want to change weeks, we will try to accommodate the requested schedule change but this will be subject to availability at the time of the request. There will be a 5% fee for any changes to registrations.
  • Please contact Maria, the Learn to Sail Director to ask for a change.
Can I cancel my enrolment?
  • Due to the scheduling of instructors and in fairness to all sailors, once a sailing class is booked, refunds are not offered for cancellations except under extraordinary circumstances.
  • An administration fee of 5% will be charged.
  • Contact the Maria, the Learn to Sail Director.
What do students need to bring each day?
  • Canadian-approved Lifejacket or PFD
  • Footwear: sneakers, beach shoes or sailing-specific “dinghy boots”. For safety reasons, all footwear must be closed-toe. Students will get their feet wet every day as they enter and exit boats. Dry-land activities will be best done with a second dry pair of sneakers.
  • Good-weather clothing: use a “layering” strategy because the temperature can vary throughout the day, and can be very different on land versus on the water. Quick- dry fabrics and a wind-proof outer layer on the upper body is recommended. Clothes will get wet and salt stained most days, and the seats of pants and shorts could get torn or ripped. Always pack a spare set of clothes.
  • Foul-weather clothing: a standard rain jacket, rain pants if you have them for colder wet days.
  • Bathing suit and towel.
  • Whistles: Sailors are required to attach a pealess whistle to their PDF.
  • Sun protection clothing:
    • Sun hat or baseball cap (snug fit recommended).
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunshirt - Quick dry long sleeve shirt 
  • Lunch / snacks - must be completely nut-free, and kiwi fruit free.
  • Water / beverages
  • Bug Spray: When the wind is light, especially in the mornings, the bugs can be bad.

Each item must be clearly and prominently labeled with child’s name. 

What special activities and events are planned this year (weather permitting)?
  • Food: Friday Pizza Day - $ TBA
  • Theme Days: Pirate Day, Rock Star Day, Cookie Day, etc.
  • Excursions: to local islands: sailing to and swimming, weather/wind permitting
  • Sail the Channel:  weather/wind permitting
What facilities are available for storing/heating food?
  • We have a refrigerator and microwave available for students’ lunches and beverages.
  • We ask for your continued support to ensure that our facilities remain nut free.
Financial Assistance
  • Financially challenged families may qualify for funding assistance from KidSport Nova Scotia and Canadian Tire Jumpstart and RecKids. Please contact them for details and be sure to allow sufficient time for processing.