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Due to Covid-19 our Learn to Sail program may be modified in 2021.

Learn to Sail 2021

Youth Sailing Lessons

Wet Feet: (ages 5-8) designed to give young sailors a fun and safe first sailing experience and learn the basics of sailing. The goal of this class is for participants to learn the basics of sailing while becoming comfortable being in a boat and on the water. 

CANSail 1&2: (ages 8-16) Introductory program with a focus on fun, safety, and fundamental skills in any type of boat (single/ double handed).  Fundamental stage of the Learn to Sail Dinghy.

CANSail 3&4: (ages 10-16) Progressively builds and develops skills learned in CANSail 1&2, with a focus on keeping the sailor engaged with stage appropriate challenges and learning. Applied skill acquisition in any type of boat (single / double handed). Learn to Sail Fast stage of the Learn to Sail Dinghy.

More information and Registering

Adult Sailing Lessons

Adult lessons will be dependent on availability of instructors and must follow COVID-19 protocols. For more information, please email Elizabeth, the Learn to Sail Director.

In addition to lessons, we have Lightning Races for adults that may interest you.